hallo 522 world :)

bk-avatarMy name is Bobbi, I’m from Vancouver BC, and this is my seventh MET course. I’m a bit of an oddball here as a design geek rather than a teacher. I find everyone’s different teaching backgrounds and experiences endlessly fascinating and am looking forward to getting to know everyone. I am interested in blending design practice with education as it seems to offer unorthodox, fun, and exciting new ways to learn.  I’ve heard that this is a great course, and am looking forward to exploring and learning. I find open/public classes and spaces particularly interesting (although this made me uncomfortable at first) but perhaps it will rekindle my love of blogging? I hope so! I’ve never been a great writer, but there’s just something enchanting about the online space. I’m scheduled to take my last course in the MET in September of this year.

Cheers & greetings,

Bobbi : )