Week 8 Review

Hi week 8 group!

You did a really great job this week, and it was a nice extension to the previous cloud themed week.  I thought your Weebly looked very nice.  I liked how you used a variety of sources including videos and also had us do our own research and create something.  I did find it quite a challenge to get our group coordinated because we did not know in advance we would have a group assignment this week.  I also accidentally went into and posted in the wrong week (which is entirely my fault).  I liked that you had a start page with a button to start and that you walked us though the process, however I found there was a lot of information in the video that I was not able to keep up with and I took notes, but this is minor and probably personal preference.  I would have liked a listed “coles notes” of the steps, but I was able to figure it out without that.  You had a really clear and logical progression with your menus from left to right.  I also really enjoyed how you took a medical field point of view, it gave us a chance to go quite in depth with the concept and I was shocked at how easy it was to find information on this online!  I thought your week was really unique, thank you and great job!

Average: 0/5 Stars