Week 9 – Review

Great job Week 9! I have to say that your platform really grabbed me.  Perhaps it was because I have never used Edmundo before, but I was really enthralled and excited to do your weekly activities.  I thought that your activities were well thought out and utilized a variety of skills.  I didn’t have a twitter account previously (to be honest I was kind of avoiding it) but was happy to test it out and send out a tweet!  I also appreciated the wheel of social media apps.  I spent some time looking over several of them as many were new to me.  I liked how you laid out information, the only thing that Edmundo offered that I found annoying is having to scroll all the way to the bottom to get all of the posts (Maybe I am missing something) but it would be nice to see all the post titles in one spot rather than having to go searching through everything.

Overall, I found your posts to be engaging and exciting and I enjoyed participating! Thanks for that 🙂

Well done!

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