A3: Let•mino Pitch

Reflection: For this assignment I chose to use a combination of video slides, images, and animation with voice over. I’m accustomed to presenting weekly pitches about my work to a very different audience (who delve deeply into design, but not into the business aspects of presenting a pitch). This project was an excellent opportunity for me to take a product concept and focus in on those aspects which my undergrad didn’t begin to cover. I kept my 1 minute pitch quite simple (I don’t post public video of myself) so I used stills to give a sense of my approach and practice. I also included the tools that I normally carry with me. I never do a presentation without a folio, tablet or iPad, because if wielded well they can be a great way to convey a lot of information effectively in a very short span of time, if I’m able to convince my audience to give me more than a minute to speak.

It was important to my own practice to include voice-over because I think that practicing an oral pitch is of vital importance. It’s often neglected in my field, as if visuals and text are enough to carry a design (they really aren’t). I feel these skills can come in handy at any time as the opportunity to pitch tends to present itself at unusual times and places. Knowing how and being ready/able to talk about (and defend) my work is indispensable, to appear motivated and to come across well. I spent the bulk of my production time on the longer piece and tried to keep it short and concise. I’m not the greatest video editor, and  I found it quite difficult to talk about something I haven’t fully researched and developed. I did have fun though, and really hope that you enjoy it!

1-minute quick-pitch:

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Full/longer pitch with details:

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