Adventures ahead…!

Life is like an adventure novel.  Over time we fill more and more pages, ending some chapters and beginning new ones.  The adventures in my own book have changed directions many times.  There are forever new chapters taking me in different directions.  MET is one of those chapters.  This fall I am taking my 7th and 8th MET courses and this one sounds like the most interesting one yet!

By day I am a grade 4/5 teacher three days per week.  The other two days I am the sole Elementary Technology Instructional Support Teacher for our district, supporting teachings in 12 different schools.  In this role I tackle everything from demo lessons, coaching, and providing workshops, to the myriad of “how to’s”.   To help meet the needs of so many with so little time, this summer I began created a teacher support website.  This site will continue to develop and can be found at

By night I am parent to a pair of wonderful teenagers.  My son is 16 and learning to drive, yet another adventure in the book unto itself!  My daughter is 15 and is growing up far too fast.  My husband has worked primarily out of town for most of the past 10 years…. which means I also enjoy the responsibilities of single parenting.

We are fortunate to live on the beautiful coast of British Columbia, mere minutes from the ocean.  As such, we spend much of our time camping, canoeing, boating, fishing, and having fires on the beach.  I’ve included this photo of us shooting the Okisollo Rapids… one of our favourite summer activities!

As I read the introductions I gaining excitement as I believe there is such an incredible wealth of knowledge in this pool of learners!  I’m looking forward to sharing this next adventure with each of you!                                     10333815_10152121969476150_7898755833004097068_o

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