Cohort Introduction

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Hello everyone!

I am celebrating my tenth year of teaching this school year! I teach all the technology related classes at a secondary school here in BC. This is my sixth and seventh MET course. I feel that I’ve been spinning my wheels as a teacher before starting MET. My intention for taking this course is basically the same as all other MET courses I’ve taken so far. I hope to be transformed and inspired with new ideas and discussions over topics related to teaching and technology.

In addition to teaching, I also manage all the technology for the school. That includes recycling legacy equipment (pictured above), faculty hardware and software support, all kinds of database duties, maintenance, repair, upgrades of anything from a new cash register to a new firewall server. I have a deep interesting in technology and electronics dating back to when I was quite young playing with microcontrollers like PIC’s.

I guess I’ll say one thing that kind of interesting about me, I’m not a career teacher. I’m not sure how many others can say this, but I was a licensed mechanic before I was a teacher.

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