Games and Learning – Market Analysis

The market analysis of Games and Learning as conducted by the site: provides “news and information service aimed at increasing the amount of information available for those interested in developing and funding new educational games for children and young adults”. The gaming industry is a massive and powerful industry that is a $65 billion-a-year industry. There are various types of products that are created and developed through this industry.

This resource provides information and research about the latest and greatest in educational gaming. According to the site it provides the information about:

  • Market snapshots. These brief reports will help to explain the potential markets for new games, including size, challenges and opportunities.
  • Translation of Research. These reports will offer possible takeaways that are often hidden in academic journals and highlight the best new research.
  • Explainers. These reports will explain some of the more arcane and jargon-filled aspects of the educational games market, introducing and analyzing key trends.
  • Commentaries. Track the thinking of some of the leaders in the industry through timely and engaging op-eds and audio interviews. (Games and, 2016)
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