From Hong Kong

Hello all,

I am looking forward to this course as I am keen to explore entrepreneurship. I actually wish that entrepreneurship was offered as a course in high school. I am seeing how there are so many ways that it applies to our lives. I am hoping to prepare myself for venturing into some type of business as I recently took a smaller role at the school I am working at so that I may explore this. I have dipped my toe into this slightly by using something I am sure you are familiar with called Teacher Pays Teachers. I have authored a number of social narratives that is currently on the site. My sales numbers are not staggering but it is a niche that creates a very very modest revenue stream that I wish to expand on.

I am a father of two young children. My wife and I are both in the education field, having worked with children with ASD as well as typically developing kids. My role at my current school is IT consultant. I like to think I am less of an IT guy and more of a IT coach where I can assist teachers on integrating the technology into the classroom.

Me and the kiddoes

Here is a neat video of a student in my first grade class who I taught to use hopscotch.



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