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Tyler Bosmeny has co-founded Clever an online learning software platform used in 1 in 4 schools in United States. It caught my interest with this impressive statistic as well as his company was listed as one of the top 100 promising companies in America.


Tyler Bosmeny has a BA in Applied Mathematics and MA degree from Statistics both from Harvard University. Prior to founding Clever, he was working in Thunder, a digital marketing company that aims to create tailored ads.  He co-founded Clever in 2012 and since then the company get 43 million $ from investments. He was ranked one of the 30 founders under 30 by Forbes in 2014.

Description of the Venture:

Clever suggests to create a standart data flow for Student Information Systems (SIS) across K-12 schools since each school use their own system from grades to attendances. This results in slowing the process of developing educational applications that have to be integrated with each different system. As far as I have understood Clever proposes an Application Programming Interface (API) that is compatible with many systems. By this way, it eases the work of both developers, teachers and students. Students are able to log in easily without memorising a lot of passwords for each application they use and teachers can easily introduce new things without losing time.

I personally find it Clever very clever (see what I did there?). I also appreciate Mr. Bosmeny for not only coming up with this idea but also developing himself on entrepreneurship, getting investments and marketing you can find his suggestions on these topics via this YouTube link.

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