updated chatbot for week 7 team

Hi everyone,

I analyzed the discussions that you all had with the week 7 chatbot, and it was interesting 😉

The bot handled most questions well, and some not so well.  Here are some highlights:

Interesting questions it handled OK

What emotions are you able to emulate

Do you have a heart

Questions it did not handle well

How old are you

What is your favorite ice cream

Can AI take over the world

That doesn’t answer my question


I did not program follow up questions such as “how” “why” “fair enough” etc because of the complexity of the programming. It could be done by a person with more time than I have.

Funny things people said

You suck

What is your favorite ice cream

I have updated the bot to answer better.  Just like the cohort expressed in the padlets, chatbots are often set up to answer simple and direct questions.  I think that if a person monitors interactions via analytics and then updates bots weekly, a bot can provide a more robust interaction with students that is less frustrating.  Basically, the more it is used and updated, the better it gets.

We are in the midst of updating our OER based on your feedback, but please revisit our chatbot via our Primer page.

Thank you.

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