W09: Personalized Learning

Greetings and welcome to our Personalized Learning OER!

As a new, developing technological direction and a very popular teaching and learning method, an understanding of personalized learning is both important and useful for educators, students, investors and tech-users alike. In order to provide this, we have selected and researched four useful topics on this Edtech direction:

Introduction to Personalized Learning
Components of Personalized Learning
Usability of Personalized Learning
Future Potential of Personalized Learning

We suggest covering a topic a day, completing the small interactive associated tasks, and then posting to the padlet over the weekend once you’ve completed curriculum.
If you have the time, we’d love for you to also fill in our google survey to give us insight into your learning experience and help us refine, update and improve the educational resources we have on offer here.

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We hope that this is considered an accessible body of work that people can use and enjoy.

Jamie, Kate, Mike and Basia



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