AI Chatbots and Intelligent Tutors

Chatbots and ‘intelligent tutors’ (ITs) are among the most commonly seen applications of AI (artificial intelligence) today. As a specific sub-area of artificial intelligence, chatbots were initially designed to answer simple questions on a rather limited range of topic-specific questions. However, over time chatbots have developed into more sophisticated applications frequently providing near-human responses. Intelligent Tutoring systems are chatbot-like applications of AI within education (learning) where they serve as ‘instructors’ in 1-2-1 online learning interactions and short courses.

Opportunity Statement

As research into machine learning and artificial intelligence progresses at an unprecedented pace, chatbots and intelligent tutors are starting to be able to interact with students, customers, clients and shoppers in ways comparable to human-to-human interaction. In education this may soon allow for interactive learning available truly anytime and anywhere.



OER on AI Chatbots and ITs (ETEC522A June 2019) – this resource contains a summary of the key concepts related to AI chatbots and ITs, as well as links to a number of examples of AI chatbot and ITs educational ventures, some more established and others very new. – the Artificial Intelligence Tutor

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