Week 11: Adaptive Learning OER

Adaptive learning technologies help scale the benefits of individualized learning through the use of designed or algorithmic adaptivity to collect and analyze data as students learn. We explore some of the giants, rookies and companies in between to paint a picture of the adaptive learning landscape and the opportunities therein.

Our team developed a trio of personas to help guide you through our OER. They offer three different perspectives on investigating the complexities of adaptive learning ventures: Susan, our social entrepreneur, Jeremiah, the venture capitalist, and Anthony, a tech entrepreneur. As you navigate through the OER, you’ll come across these characters from time to time – keep them in mind as you read through the content and participate in activities. If you are in the market to invest or launch a venture, are you a Susan, Jeremiah or an Anthony?

We look forward to interacting with you over the course of the week. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them into WordPress. Our team will be monitoring the discussions that are taking place, and also checking the data coming through our polls and quizzes.

Welcome to Adaptive Learning!

Onward to the Adaptive Learning Technologies OER

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