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MetaMine – Web App for Digital Pedagogy

by shuebrook on April 5, 2020
MetaMine is a proposed web application co-designed and developed by educational technologists and outstanding faculty at some of Canada’s most prestigious schools.  Born out of grassroots teacher innovations and informed by rigorous academic research, MetaMine promises to provide a 21st century digital platform that cultivates personalized and peer learning of edtech practice for teachers while giving […]
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VER: Virtual Educational Reality.

by michael de angelis on April 5, 2020
Hello everyone You can click the VER logo to access my venture pitch. The COVID-19 circumstances honestly played a large role in producing my venture pitch as us educators are now all teaching online for now. I created a pitch for a product called “VER”. This product is a virtual reality educational tool that brings […]
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Keeping the Human Element in Learning Using Technology

by Emily on April 4, 2020
Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well and staying healthy. I just came across this article which was published on Wednesday. The article reflects on recent events and the changes in the teaching and learning environment many are experiencing now. The author was part of an education technology start-up company for micro-schools in […]
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Wearable Technology

by Scott Richmond on April 3, 2020
Wearable technologies are relatively new to the education sector, and the industry is primed for a breakthrough in the coming years. When Google Glass first came on the scene in 2013, experts predicted a massive boom in the way that we interacted with technologies that were more or less a part of us; we attached them […]
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by kevin spachuk on April 2, 2020
Welcome to my Assignment 3 submission. Though I am late on this forum I would appreciate any feedback on my venture. The LIT platform offers computer-based simulations and VR content for Language Arts and Drama classrooms. We provide simulated and immersive experiences of scenes from literature. The LIT platform supports teachers and students to collaborate […]
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by cass on April 2, 2020
Based on results from the most recent world-wide study done by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, math is one of the most challenging subjects students face in North America. Not only are concepts often abstract and difficult to apply to everyday life, but our modern day method of looking up answers doesn’t work […]
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Feeling Pressured to be Productive at the moment? Don’t be…

by Carla Pretorius on April 1, 2020
Hi All So on a day where I should have been much more productive than what has really transpired, I received an email from a friend/ colleague with a link to this article. Wow, did I need it! I’m sharing it here not because it necessarily is related to educational technology but because it relates […]
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Assignment 3: Venture Pitch – Rise eLearning Authoring Tool

by manize nayani on March 29, 2020
Hello! Given the current pandemic situation, there has been a sudden increase in the demand for all things virtual and remote–be it eLearning courses, web-conferencing tools or virtual proxy networks. I thought this would be a good time to talk about my topic for assignment 3–Rise 360 an elearning authoring tool. Rise is extremely easy […]
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by vivien kamhoua on March 29, 2020
Welcome Fellow ETEC 522ers I am presenting an online learning platform for K-12 education, I called EduBreath. The venture I would love to take you to is one that uses online learning technologies to help young people around the world to have an internationally competitive high school diploma that will give them access to top […]
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Assignment 3 – GradHat

by kendra achonwa on March 29, 2020
Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. I’m sure like many of you the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly lingering in all the corners of my mind. I’ve been exploring some more of its recent implications on education and employment and trying to find creative solutions to some of these new world problems. This became the […]
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