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Grading complete, bravo everyone!

by David Vogt on August 11, 2019
Venturers – I have now completed grading of the final assignments and sent individual emails to provide my assessments and your grades.  Please let me know immediately if you haven’t received your grades, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding them.  I will be submitting the grades into the university at the end […]

Some thoughts on the course

by tod on August 6, 2019
Hello David, I wasn’t able to find a “522 Feedback” category under Forums as indicated in the A4 information, but I hope this will work as I found a spot under “Categories – Non-Forum”. Some thoughts on what could be improved: I think the new venture cannot be sufficiently developed in a course where much […]

Neuroscience: Leverage for a Perfect Education Program?

by tod on August 6, 2019
  Neuroscience (the biology of the brain) has blossomed in recent years and is beginning to complement in important ways the work previously done in educational psychology (the activity of learning). While debates about how to apply new discoveries to education continue, many previously held beliefs about learning are withering under the glare of neuroscientific […]

Personalized Learning OER Revision

by Jamie Ashton on August 4, 2019
Hey all,   Herewith the revisions for our Personalized Learning OER. Based on your feedback we have included a reference list and an overview of current products and ventures on the market! Thanks for your help in making this a better learning experience for all. Click on the image below to view them.

Personalized Learning

by Jamie Ashton on August 4, 2019
Personalized Learning is a fascinating and diverse EdTech field in which ventures of various kinds are currently being developed! The idea behind it is that, with the help of technology and AI, we can revolutionize learning by making it cater to the learning styles and needs of each individual learner. This would mean the end […]

Summer Calling

by David Vogt on August 4, 2019
Thanks for your attentive, valuable contributions to the Venture Forum this week, and congrats on completing this journey together. We had a chance to escape to Whistler this week so I apologize that I haven’t completed evaluation of your A2s yet, but I will dive back in and aim to get all of your grades […]

To improve participation

by Ying Gu on August 2, 2019
There are a couple of things I feel would increase everyone’s participation and the quality of the participation. The site needs to be greatly improved. There are many glitches – sometimes a comment does not submit at all and disappears into the void and we have to start our thoughts all over again, the website […]

Meet Your Mentor

by sarah mclean on August 2, 2019
When I think back about my educational journey, I can’t help but think of the awesome mentors that I have had along the way- my grade 2 teacher, the undergraduate instructor who took a risk on me being a TA,  my PhD supervisor; really, when it comes down to it, I think we can all […]

A3: BookVRoom- the future library with immersive language learning experience

by Karen szu chun on July 30, 2019
Hi All, Apologies for the delay. Here is my venture. BookVRoom is an interactive VR app where students can immerse themselves in books , listen to audios and express their opinions. The purpose of this venture is to help second language learners to have more input in English and be able to communicate using the […]

A3: PM Benchmark +

by Scott Lillis on July 29, 2019
Sorry this is a bit late (I haven’t been able to log in to WordPress while being in northern Ontario) but here is the link to my venture pitch for PM Benchmark +   For the purposes of this venture pitch PM Benchmark + expands on the PM Benchmark product that is common in schools […]