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21st Century Personalized School

by Ram on March 29, 2020
Hello, I present to you a venture. Pardon me if when I say venture it sounds like adventure.  The world as we know it has changed, think COVID-19 and the closure of all schools. I quote David Vogt, a Professor at the University of British Columbia. “You don’t need to look very far to see […]

A3: HealthPlus

by Robert on March 29, 2020
Hello, and thank you for taking the time to review my project.  This is my A3 project where I have created HealthPlus.   HealthPlus is a program that combines microlessons and wearable technology to improve the ability to deliver support to students struggling with anxiety and/or mental health concerns. It allows for targeted, individualized, and […]


by christopher spanis on March 29, 2020
Welcome to my Assignment 3 submission: Zaffold   Millions of people around the world watch educational videos, play quiz games, use study apps, participate in MOOCs without getting academic credit, and more. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to track and get credit for all this unrewarded curiosity and study… Zaffold is like a […]

A3 – InnerVisions VR

by brian ham on March 29, 2020
Greetings fellow ETEC 522 Entrepreneurs and EVA’s, I would like to present my venture, “InnerVisions VR”. This is a for-profit venture aimed at providing schools with educational recruitment solutions.  Hiring for any organization is difficult and hard to get right consistently. Teachers are hired all over the world everyday based on the traditional markers of […]

Hive Harmonizes Group Work

by Mel on March 29, 2020
  Dear esteemed colleagues, I hope all of you are well in this strange new world we find ourselves in, and I look forward to exploring and learning from you and your ventures. I introduce you to Hive, an app and LTI that harmonizes group work through its use of cutting-edge AI and machine learning […]

Tony Bates: Advice on how to teach online amid the corona virus pandemic

by Carla Pretorius on March 29, 2020
I thought I would share this link from Tony Bates (who some of you might know was one of the people that helped establish the MET program) on how to teach online in light of the corona virus. It’s actually fairly “old” in terms of how fast things are currently progressing (original post was 9 […]

Music Matters

by michael meroniuk on March 29, 2020
Hello fellow classmates, For assignment #3, I’ve created Music Matters an online subscription-based platform that gives music educators beginner-advanced students access to quality, concise and tailored lessons on any instrument. Giving music teachers time to focus on teaching rather than being overwhelmed with going over concepts on every instrument with each student in their classes. Music Matters […]

Focal Ed

by Scott Richmond on March 29, 2020
Hello 522ers, I’d like to introduce you to Focal Ed, a learning-centered wearable venture. Our company aims to allow teachers to focus more on what they do best, and less of the other stuff. The small wearable automates some of the administrative tasks that teachers encounter everyday; tasks that take away from valuable in-class learning […]

Kiota – Tapping Into Wisdom

by Carla Pretorius on March 29, 2020
Dear fellow ETEC522 classmates Please find the link to the pitches for my created non-profit organization called Kiota. Kiota is a Swahili word for bird’s nest with its origins in the word “ota” which means “to grow”. It acts as a metaphor for what we aim to achieve in the organization- creating and facilitating an […]

A3 – MeLearn

by Matt on March 28, 2020
Our education system is stuck in the 19th Century and needs an update!  MeLearn is a fictional company based on a concept that could revolutionize our entire system of education. I honestly love and believe in this concept … but feel that it’s a monstrous task to take on the education ‘establishment’.  And I’m not […]