How to Begin?

Start exploring 522 to understand its layout and navigational concepts, including on multiple devices. All of the primary content you encounter will be posts and pages in this blog, meaning that they are parts of a continuously evolving stream.

Navigation Menus

The top menu (immediately above this post) is your primary navigation to specific course content (such as this post) and to sub-streams (created by blog categories).  The menu selections and sub-selections have content to view.  The top menu selections are listed below (only the sub-selections for the first menu selection are listed, simply as an example):

  • Startup – Course introduction.
    • How to Begin? (you’re here now!)
    • Objectives
    • Course Manual
    • Outline & Schedule
    • Participation Guide – how to be engage with this course
    • Assignments – requirements for your four (4) major assignments.
    • Introduce Youself! – your first weekly activity
    • Authors – introductions from current and former students
  • W01: Emerging Markets – Content for Week 1
  • W02-04: Bootcamp – Content & activities for Weeks 2-4.
  • W05-12: Opportunity Forecasts: group projects for weeks 4-12.
  • W13: Launch: Venture Forum to apply your Educational Venture Analyst (EVA) knowledge and skills.
  • Forums: content streams for 522’s self-refreshing knowledge base.
  • Global Feeds: keep up to date with 522.

So if you are joining the course now, please first study everything in the Startup menu to become fully acquainted with the course, schedule, assignments, etc. When ready, post an introduction to yourself for your peers & instructor using the Authors category. Then focus on the Week 1 Emerging Markets, and on responding to initial discussion questions. Detailed instructions for Week 1 and ensuing weeks are available on the main course page, and within ongoing Announcements from your instructor.

Your adventure has begun!