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by Emily on March 28, 2020

What was your first your first year of university like? Do remember what it was like? How healthy do you think your nutritional habits were? According to research, only 13.2% of students meet Canada’s Food Guide Nutrition Guidelines (Kotila, 2019)! University is a critical period in the life of young adults for many reasons, and […]
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Week 11: Microlearning OER Update

by kendra achonwa on March 27, 2020

    Image Source Consider our brave new world that moves at high speeds and requires fast reactions; our busy schedules and less free-time; our need and desire to learn new skills and acquire knowledge via concise information that is to the point, easy to digest, convenient and effective. Microlearning is a learning strategy that offers […]
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SaniSenini Company

by Tyler on March 27, 2020

Greetings everyone!  I invite you to check out my elevator pitch for my new company “SaniSenini” . This company is focused on improving the way of life for people around the world.  With flu outbreaks and germs everywhere my company strives to help people stay clean without using alcohol sanitizer.  Many products from my company […]
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A3 – Gradenetix

by carlo trentadue on March 27, 2020

Hello all, I hope this post finds you safe and healthy in these exceptional times! I am very excited to share my A3 project with you all – It’s something I’ve been working on for the past few weeks (there was a time there where I felt like I’ve been on an isolated version of […]
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by Jessica Shea on March 27, 2020

Hello classmates! As we are in an uncertain time during this global health pandemic, I’ve listened to educators from my province and created a product that would help centralize all learning into one platform. Introducing G-Interact – an application/extension that can be added directly into your Google Classroom! Check out the G-Interact website to learn […]
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Market In The Middle Program

by gregory regehr on March 26, 2020

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs, Students, and EVA’s I would like to introduce to you my Venture Pitch: The Market In The Middle. This is based on a program that I ran several years ago in a different school, but I am hoping to adapt it to a new position I am in. This specific program is […]
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Safe2Summit The Micro learning Site

by A.Tenten CEO Safe2Summit on March 26, 2020

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs, Students, EVA’s, Angels, With Pleasure I would like to invite you to my Venture Pitch, Our company SAFE2SUMMIT, was launched last year and promises a very successful future. Safe2Summit from and for Mountain Enthusiast for Safety, Respect, & Fun! I understand that this venture is a very “personal” one, though I still […]
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Zoom – Video Conferencing

by James Seaton on March 23, 2020

Hey All, I just wanted to share a piece of technology that seems to be having a heyday with the recent suspension of in-person university classes. It’s called Zoom and it’s a video conferencing application that professors have been using to hold online classes. I’ve been on social media a ton recently, constantly looking for […]
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Icons for new tech

by Mel on March 23, 2020

While designing my A3 pitches, I was having trouble finding the specific kinds of icons I was looking for to represent the newest learning technologies, and then I discovered The Noun Project! A fair amount of icons are available in the public domain for free, and there are icons representative of ed tech, online learning, AI, women, […]
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VR meeting spaces

by Mel on March 23, 2020

In light of COVID-19 and the new world we are living in, I’d like to share a few XR ventures that help bring people together, for business and for pleasure. Spatial, focused on bringing teams together to collaborate virtually, has a free plan: up to 4 people, up to 45 minutes per session, and enterprise […]
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