Priority emerging markets as identified by market projection research organizations, reviewed and rated by 522 professionals.

Week 12 – Wearables

by Scott Richmond on March 22, 2020

Hello team 522!  Welcome to the last Opportunity Forecast. The topic of our OER was Wearable Technology and we have had an immensely interesting time delving into this emerging market over the weeks leading up to our creation and launch of this resource. For this OER we have the following learning outcomes: Describe the origins […]
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AI and Machine Learning

by christopher spanis on March 22, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are poised to make evolutionary and revolutionary changes in the education market.   Computers as we know them are really good at storing, organizing, fetching, and processing information.  AI takes computing a massive step further by having computer programs that are able to learn from data, make decisions, and even […]
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Concierge-A Virtual Coaching and Engagement Chatbot for Onboarding

by amanda klassen on March 21, 2020

Onboarding new employees is stressful for both the employee and leader. Concierge aims to ease this stress by offering a one-stop-shop chatbot capable of coaching, engagement, and answering any question. Please check out my pitches at Note: this pitch is an imagined product, not a real working product I have developed. Although as someone who […]
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Is this the strangest, most important time in history for online education?

by miguel strother on March 15, 2020

I don’t mean to undermine the efforts of this week’s impressive OER. But for crying out loud!!! These are strange days! In the face of the pandemic, how can we deploy our skills to help schools and businesses get through it? What is the best way I can use my skills as an online educator […]
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Week 11: Microlearning OER

by Matt on March 15, 2020

Hello Fellow ETEC’ers from Kendra, Michael, and Matthew! Welcome to Week 11 of the Opportunity Forecasts and our presentation on Microlearning! Winston Churchill once said “Personally, I am always ready to learn; although I don’t always like being taught”.  In a world that moves at high speed and requires fast reactions, microlearning is a new […]
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Updated OER wk9 Immersive Experience

by anouk tenten on March 15, 2020

Dear Fellow Students, A big THANK you for your active participation in week 9 OER’s in XR Immersive Experience. We have taken your feedback and advise into account and have updated our OER. Also we have added a 30 mins interview, based on your questions, with XR Professional Rob Theriault, Please find our updated version […]
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The Difficult Path to AI’s Promise

by David Vogt on March 11, 2020

Pertinent to this week’s focus, I just came across the following article in the MIT Technology Review: The Messy Reality of OpenAI From an ETEC522 perspective it is a very worthwhile read.  It is simultaneously an analysis of a single well-funded venture and of the entire frontier of AI: is it possible for AI’s general […]
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Brain Backups

by manize nayani on March 11, 2020

Is it possible to download your brain? Is it possible to map the connections between the billions of neurons in your brain to create, store and retrieve every thought, every memory and every experience you have ever had? This fascinating subject is the brainchild (pun not-intended!) of a developmental starter company Brain Backups. The company’s […]
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Big Data & Learning Analytics

by cass on March 8, 2020

Big data refers to the massive amounts of data produced by our technologies that are often difficult to analyze using traditional tools and methods. The value of big data in education and other fields comes from finding hidden patterns and trends through data mining and data analytics. The growth and development of learning analytics stems […]
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Week 10 – AI in Education: Forecast 2020

by christopher spanis on March 8, 2020

What does A.I. ACTUALLY mean? (we won’t judge you if you don’t really know).  Computers are really good at storing, organizing, fetching, and processing information. This has obvious applications for calculations, models, archives, records, etc. Artificial Intelligence takes computing a massive step further by having computer programs that are able to learn from data, make […]
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