Outline & Schedule

522 is structured in four Stages, each of one or more weeks duration.  An outline for the whole course, including the major assignments is provided here.  Please note that the “end of a week” in this course, in terms of assignment deadlines, etc, refers to Sunday at midnight, Vancouver time.

WeekTopicDiscussion ForumsAssignments
Stage 1: Startup - Welcome to "Ventures in Learning Technologies"
W01: Jan 6-12StartupIntroduce Yourself! Emerging Markets Poll
Stage 2: Bootcamp - Exploring the global learning technologies marketplace and ramping up your roles as a venture analyst and entrepreneur.
W02: Jan 13-19Global MarketplaceOpportunity Horizon
W03: Jan 20-26Analyst BootcampPitch Critique
W04: Jan 27-Feb 2Entrepreneur BootcampFounders Parade
Stage 3: Analysis - Small Groups of peers conduct deep dives into specific emerging markets in order to package their findings as shared learning resources.
W05: Feb 3-9Opportunity Forecasts #1Forecast ReviewAssignment #2: Starting in W5, student groups will present their Emerging Market Analysis.
W06: Feb 10-16Opportunity Forecasts #2Forecast ReviewAssignment #1: Analyst Report Due end of W6
W07: Feb 17-23Opportunity Forecasts #3Forecast Review
W08: Feb 24-Mar 1Opportunity Forecasts #4Forecast Review
W09: Mar 2-8Opportunity Forecasts #5Forecast Review
W10: Mar 9-15Opportunity Forecasts #6Forecast Review
W11: Mar 16-22Opportunity Forecasts #7Forecast Review
W12: Mar 23-29Opportunity Forecasts #8Forecast ReviewAssignment #3: Venture Pitch Due end of W12
Stage 4: Launch - A culminating experience with you in the driver's seat of a venture of your choice and design, presented in an 'open market' of similar pitches from your peers.
W13: Mar 30-Apr 5Venture ForumVenture ForumAssignment #4: Participation Portfolio due end of Week 13.