#1. – Thanks for the podcasts! Almost ma…

#1. – Thanks for the podcasts! Almost makes you think you should develop a small podcast as part of your start up venture where you talk to people and bounce your ideas off others.

regarding #2. I also eagerly read the feedback on my Venture since it makes you feel encouraged to go in and actually polish up your project and maybe just try to launch it! Although this is a sandbox environment (real investors are not browsing through these proposals) and therefore they are by nature fiction, I found it was hard to tell at times if some projects were actually already in development or close to putting in front of investors. Almost wish there was a Part Two to this course since there are still many details to actually creating a start up we didn’t cover such as how to find partners and collaborators for your team, what business structures do you need in place before you look for investment money (incorporation, trademarks?)

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