3D Printers turn concepts in the imagina…

3D Printers turn concepts in the imagination into reality. This is an important emerging technology because it provides a way for students to visualize, design, and create elements of their imagination. Printers can help students create content for projects or help them visualize parts of a story that they are reading. 3D printers provide an inexpensive way for students to create.

Personally, I have been using several 3D Printers this year and I am relatively new to the design and create process. It is incredible to see something that you have designed become reality in a short time! I teach a program that has students designing, printing and casting silver rings. They start by designing the ring on a 3D design software (tinkercad.com) and once they have printed the model of the ring they can examine to see how well it worked and if they would like to make changes.

3D Printing has captured the attention of students as they can fulfill a variety of roles, such as providing inexpensive parts for projects, games and they can bring characters or places from a story to life. 3D printing also has benefits and practical uses beyond the classroom. As an example, in medicine 3D printers can be used to create a model of an organ that is about to be operated on, which provides an opportunity for surgeons to practice and study the procedure before it begins. Another practical use for 3D Printers is in industry. Companies that produce parts for machinery can design and print a model of a new part to ensure that it fulfils it role before the creation of the actual part. If students leave high school with both knowledge and experience of using 3D design software and Printers they will be able to offer skills for the present and the future.