A very lively and personal presentation,…

A very lively and personal presentation, Vibhu. I like how you incorporated technological tools such as Videoscribe and Piktochart as it demonstrates your experience and interest in the field of educational technology. As an asynchronous DL teacher, I am wondering if this product can be adapted for distance learners? I like the idea of seeing what your students are doing on their screens in the synchronous classroom environment and believe this would work especially well in the independent learning centers we have in our schools. In this environment students are working on different online courses during a block of their school time and it is often difficult to monitor work levels. That being said, I have a few questions about your presentation; are you able to see multiple students monitors at one time? Also, are you able to interact with the students screen? Giving them a quiet reminder through typing a message to them noticing they are distracted or may need help with a problem would be an excellent and welcome addition to this product. As you mentioned in your review, it would be useful to see the numbers and projects. With more information and a better understanding of functionality, I would consider investing in this product.

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