Ah wearable tech…It’s out there, and i…

Ah wearable tech…It’s out there, and it works, but how integrated is it in your life? This isn’t just about the specifications. But the experience is something else entirely. How well does it melt in what we already do in our lives?

Is it useful? Sure. Can I do without it? Yes. Apple’s iWatch has received “ok” reviews and most figure it’s a nice to have more than a desired need; PLUS it makes you look good, apparently. But what many ventures in the wearable tech industry haven’t quite figured out is what the user is seeking. What are you selling me? Is it making my life any better? Am I excited about your product because it will IMPROVE my life? Will it make me healthier? Some think so. Wearable tech is still new and many have no idea what they would even want wearable tech to do for them in the first place.

I’ve noticed few instances where wearable tech was being used in the greater community of educators, one being Google Glass. I’ll be honest, nothing groundbreaking or exciting. There is however some movement in using Google Glass in teacher training programs and how this may very well impact the learning of the teacher candidates but also further research in how teacher training programs improve their very own pedagogy and approach to educating student teachers.

As a elementary school teacher, wearable tech is in no way useful at this point in time, however, I find the idea of using them interesting and possibly exciting. Using them in an elementary school classroom could prove either impressive or a complete distraction. And yes, some have tried it, but I’m not convinced. Still, it looks cool.

Where not there yet and the price is not there yet, much further than the average consumer can afford. But in the future, it will become ubiquitous. For wearable technology to work, it needs to have lifestyle integration. It shouldn’t get in the way of what we do and in the interest of education, how we learn. One must elevate the user experience. I’m not inherently excited about wearable tech. Reasons? We’re JUST not there yet. Sure we have VR, AR and the likes. More importantly It’s not the feature, it’s the implementation. I want technology that is transformative and amazing. I feel is it giving out more problems than solutions.

VR and AR: I’m sure the possibilities are endless. Perhaps immersing students into digital worlds having to interact with other VR sprites. With Skype translator now available within its main client, I envision students placing the oculus rift on their heads and entering a cafe, or restaurant or even placed into the country they are currently learning the language. The translator could be set and they could see the translation happening in real time then the system would prompt them to try and interact with the world in using the language. It’s going to happen very soon!

This opens up so many possibilities for distance learning allowing students to interact with the world in the comfort of their own home. I would be curious to see how this could affect learning and the pedagogical research that would come from the first generation of distance VR learners. Would there be consequences? What are the results in doing this? Can VR distance learners ben more efficient in their learning, would it negate or slow the learning? What are the socio-economic factors involved?
Finally, will I seek out further reviews of this post. Maybe. I like the idea of wearable tech, I think it will be transformative, heck I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t want to be one of those guys wearing an Apple watch; but we’ve just not found the right balance of what is a perfect user experience that is transformative, rather we are selling a glorified tracker that pings us once and a in a while. I’m interested though, very interested, and I feel this will be impressive when the time comes.