Albert, your business venture is very cr…

Albert, your business venture is very creative and will definitely be something families would be interested in exploring for their children, especially if its a cheaper alternative to private school, but produces similar results. Growing up I attended BrainChild (a tutoring services) but was never engaged in the content because it was repetition of the same concept. Your venture combines components of Makerspaces and tutoring services, to allow the student to grow in ways that they may be able to. I would be interested in seeing more visual to help explain the process. I would also suggest not referring to the student as ‘clients’. You began your venture pitch with a sports analogy, and could’ve ran with it throw out the pitch. I agree with Ryan D. that an option would be to reduce cost by eliminating or reducing the number of storefront and moving to digital communication tools. I would be interested in investing in this venture after learning more about its services and how the team plans on “design, refine, support, represent, advocate, implement, connect and mentor learning opportunities.”

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