Already we are at place where there a nu…

Already we are at place where there a number of simulation tools, animations etc., available for Chemistry and physics that are geared towards simulating the lab environment, however, they have a difficult time replicate the lab environment, however, it would seem that VR can does this better in so many ways and could truly replicate the lab environment. In an educational landscape where cost-cutting is the norm, schools and universities are looking at ways of cutting costs with labs in physics and chemistry often targeted. Introducing VR would allow for a similar type of learning experience while simultaneously reducing costs and possibly allowing to bring in more enrollment now that the school would be less reliant on having physical space available. Apart from cost-cutting, safety would also be a concern as there is an inherent danger associated with chemistry labs in particular that can be avoided through VR. Regarding physics specifically, VR offers the ability for the student to see what they could not necessarily see with naked – ie., quantum physics – VR could offer an experiential learning experience for topics and subjects that otherwise students would just have to learn about through more passive means like texts and ppts.

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