Although I’m not a high school teacher,…

Although I’m not a high school teacher, Edmodo seems to offer the most appealing features for secondary school teachers and students. From a student perspective, Edmodo looks and functions a lot like social media sites that teens are drawn to and most have familiarity using. From a teacher’s perspective, Edmodo offers a lot of engagement- and communication-related features including opportunities for student collaboration and discussion, and quick and easy assessment options like quizzes and surveys. From an administrative perspective, Edmodo also allows teachers to record and share students progress, and the fact that Edmodo is free is a major bonus. Overall, it seems to be the most versatile and appealing platform for use by high school students and teachers. As far as using CUBE, I think that looking at Face 3 (The Buyer), Face 5 (Development of the Market) and Face 6 (Competition with Other Forms of Learning) offer the most valuable information to an analysis of Edmodo from an EVA perspective. For Face 3, Edmodo is usually acquired at the class or school level. As a free product, the initial move to using Edmodo often comes from the ground up, as opposed to traditional top-down methods. This may make wide-spread adoption very slow, but the longevity of users may be significantly higher than other interfaces, as user who have initiated its use already have significant “buy in”. For Face 5, LMSs are well-supported and in growing demand in high schools as teachers and administrators look to augment classroom lessons with online content and are moving towards paperless learning environments. Finally, for Face 6, competition varies greatly with the degree of use and with the specific jurisdiction. Although Edmodo will never replace traditional classroom settings, it does provide greater flexibility to students to extend their participation and learning to locations and times which are more convenient and/or more conducive to their own productivity. If I switch again, back to the role of an educator, I think my biggest concern about using a CBL environment to communicate and grade students would have to be about the reliability and security of that information.

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