Although this is very interesting, I wou…

Although this is very interesting, I would not invest in the VirtualiTee as an EVA. The two men in this video did not address the market gap or competition at all. Their main message was that this VirtualiTee would make learning more interactive and engaging for learners. I believe this would be the case, however they did not address the full potential or effect this venture could have on learners. The video showed kids and adults having fun with the app, however it was the same thing they were looking at the whole video. With that being said, a question that came to mind for me is, “Can the VirtualiTee do anything else besides look at organs and cells”? This idea could have a lot more potential if it looked at more areas of the body including muscles, bones etc.
They also addressed that they want to make this “accessible to everyone, everywhere so they get the chance to experience this type of learning”. They then contradict themselves by saying the app is free, but the Tee is priced no higher than a high quality t-shirt. On a positive note, they do make the app accessible on all types of existing mobile devices including IoS, Mobile, Android and Tablet. I did appreciate the fact they elaborated on how people can help make this endeavour more successful by sharing the campaign and giving pledges.
Other things they could have addressed on the video include:
How many VirtualiTee’s have they sold to date?
What is the companies reach – In the UK only, worldwide…?
Competition – Are there other companies doing something similar, or are they one of a kind?
Expansion – Is there potential for the app to do more than it does currently?