ARCO is trying to see itself as the firs…

ARCO is trying to see itself as the first holograph AR Gaming Robot that can enhance the gaming and learning experience. However, I also would have a hard time investing in this company. The pitch is focused on selling the AR features of this game, however there were some inconsistencies between the story and the visuals. The pitch wanted to sell us on the idea that ARCO will be a toy that further kid’s imagination. They argue that by investing in this product, investors will be in on the hottest game in the VR gaming industry at a low price point of $79 to get the basic package on Kickstarter. The retail price for ARCO is $179 after the Kickstarter campaign has ended.They are focusing more the creativity, imagination and fun that kids and parents will have will playing in the holographic world.

The advantage of ARCO is that they are jumping into the VR gaming world quickly. With few products like this out on the market, ARCO is trying to establish itself early in the market because the market becomes saturated with other competitors. The two young inventors are trying to sell the educational and gaming features that ARCO can offer for adults and kids.

However, the virtual worlds that were created were not creative or visually appealing that they would instantly grab a kid’s attention. They VR world’s in the battle mode or the coding puzzle game were not eye popping and did not have a “wow factor.” Without a “wow” factor, kids could lose interest and it could be one of those toys that kids might play with once in while. Also with ARCO trying to simplifying the joystick, I fear that kids would lose interest quickly due to the simplicity. . The fact that the kid in the ad, was sitting the whole time and not actively moving around was a disappointment. The market seems to want a VR world that would allow the gamer to interact more with the VR world. While the premise is good and provides parents with the ability to provide a VR experience for their child, the simplicity of the VR world leaves me wanting more as an investor.