As a publisher of educational textbooks,…

As a publisher of educational textbooks, there are several value added propositions.

1. School divisions As a publisher, we work with expert educators in each province to ensure that textbooks and teacher resources are aligned to provincial curriculum. The purchase of your digital subscription is not the end of our relationship. Our IT integration service team will work collaboratively with your IT implementation department in ensuring your IT infrastructure and processes is e-textbook ready. The subscription rates or one-time purchase subscriptions are also reduced as your district increases their order. We also guarantee that from the time of purchase for 5 years, we will maintain the technology to the standards that you purchased the digital textbook. Administrators will not need to worry that every year they will need to upgrade their hardware.

2. Teachers Teachers have access to recorded training webinars and our training team will provide ongoing webinars for teachers as collective needs arise. We are pleased to announce that teachers will belong to the broader community of teachers who are using the same digital textbook with their learners. This community shares lessons and tests. Teacher can learn from each other.

3. Learners. Last but not least, the value added proposition for learners, in addition to the embedded multimedia interaction, is the ability to participate in the update process of the digital textbooks. We are living in a participatory culture and as a publisher, we recognize that learners provide different perspectives on the content. Every year students can submit articles, videos, audios, which will be highlighted in new editions or supplementary resources. It is a chance for learners to become published themselves!

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