As a venture analyst, I would invest in…

As a venture analyst, I would invest in this venture. Clint Knox, the founder of Brainitz, confidently and succinctly explains the market gap the venture is addressing. With an increase in teachers using blended learning and flipped classrooms, there is a need to check students’ understanding in a timely and effective way. Brainitz provides a solution to this problem by enabling teachers to embed questions in a video and for it to re-teach if needed. The advantage of using this program is that it allows teachers to save time, it is user-friendly and it allows students to work at their own pace. I appreciated the short demo of the product, because it provided a visual demonstration for these differentiations. The founder was knowledgeable, sincere and trustworthy. Although it was a small-scale example, he provided a number (50) of how many teachers he knew who would like to try the program and explained that his students enjoyed using it. The concept seems feasible and could potentially capture a large market. In a follow-up venture pitch, I would like to hear more information about the marketing, the ask and the return.

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