As a very bad social media user, I hardl…

As a very bad social media user, I hardly spend any time interacting with people online in the normal social channels. However, I have had more experience with online dating, which I view as a form of social media. I suppose that my mild usage of facebook and instagram have allowed me to stay in touch or up-to-date on what is going on with friends and family. If it weren’t for the occasional post, I probably wouldn’t talk to many of them since I’m more of an introvert. However, I have spent more time talking to people through online dating than I do in the normal social media sites. So, I think in that respect, I think using social media has made me a little more outgoing in certain social situations in the real world. I wouldn’t say that social media has affected me professionally as far as I can tell. Although, I recently received an email and a call from a recruiter about a job via LinkedIn, which was not something I had experienced before. It is neat that we live in a world where people can connect with others they don’t know whether it is via meetups, dating, jobs, or just finding new friends.

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