As an Educational Venture Analyst, I wou…

As an Educational Venture Analyst, I would not invest in IncentivED. A valid pain point has been identified as planning engaging field trips that align to learning outcomes and core competencies is time consuming and difficult for teachers to pull off. However, I question how many educators would be motivated to create resources for the “challenges” posted on the website. Unless a teacher has already created materials for their own students that simply could be uploaded, I find it hard to imagine teachers creating content specifically for IncentivED. The closest competitor, Teachers Pay Teachers enables teachers to earn a few extra dollars on content they have already created, but I find it more difficult to imagine teachers would create content for the sole purpose of selling it on the site. Furthermore, the other competition that exists – and is not mentioned in the pitches – are the museum workers themselves. Many field trip destinations have a person on staff who can assist with coordinating and facilitating learning for students. Also, the content created by teachers would likely be specific to a grade or content area and may not apply to many other teachers. While the venture’s leader does appear to be a passionate and competent classroom teacher, he himself admits he has no business or programming experience that would be needed to get this business started. I also see a flaw in the revenue stream in the paid app that does not seem necessary for teachers to interact with the platform. As an EVA, I feel I would not get back my investment in a timely matter.

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