As an EVA, I do see the potential in thi…

As an EVA, I do see the potential in this app. The story he used in his pitch is very relatable and something I have experienced myself in restaurants in Japan. This is an app that I would have definitely found useful. They have already made strides to partner with other companies, so others see the potential as well. In the pitch, he states that the app has the possibility of helping 500 million travellers, which could make some investors very happy. However, you first need to sell yourself to these travellers and prove that you are better than the other foreign language reader apps out there. Simply to use and accuracy is key when selling these types of apps. In 2013, when this video was uploaded to Youtube, I might have considered investing in it. Today, I wouldn’t. I don’t see the long-term financial gain in this app since Google translate introduced a visual reader in 2015. It doesn’t support Chinese at this time, but I’m sure that is not too far away. When people can use a free app in a similar way, there is little incentive to pay for an app. They will need to add features that Google Translate doesn’t offer in order to make the purchase worthwhile.

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