As an EVA, I would invest in a venture t…

As an EVA, I would invest in a venture that allows children to self create technology and challenges for themselves. Tech Will Save Us Founders, noted that they are on a mission to spark creativity amongst young people. Through products such as the Mover Kit, the user is involved in the creation of wearable & portable items from assembly, to coding, to customization, etc. Technology is only restricted by the end user. Other wearable coding technology is often pre-made and pre-defined with parameters, thus restricting the user. The venture company, Tech Will Save Us creates items that are marketable and restricted only by the user. The product promoted today is quite large in size. Additionally funding may assist in creating a product that is reasonably sized for children but still of interest to the market group of 8+. The message delivered caught my attention because the Founders’ passion and sincerity creates a personable meaning to the product and the ideas they are proposing: technology that encourages children to move because they want to. Sure there is the fit bit, and other wearable technology, but the challenges are limited. Wearable technology that teaches children to code is great, but ones that can encourage children to be creative and goal oriented, now that’s another level of competition we need in the market today.

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