As an EVA, I would not invest in this in…

As an EVA, I would not invest in this instant offline translator. I liked the pitch itself that included a personal humorous story explaining a traveler’s problem and how it can be addressed using the app, the demonstration how the app works, the passion about the product, the stellar team, and a simple business model. I do see how the app can be valuable for travelers to China and Japan. I also feel the CEO is clear about their next steps: they are building distribution partnerships, planning to translate in other languages for high-traffic international destinations, and use it for any visual translation for various apps.

I do not feel, however, I need to invest money in this app as the Google translate app can do the same and even more (two-way instant speech translation) in multiple languages offline for free. I would want the CEO to provide an overview of competitors and explain how Waygo stands out, what their competitive advantage is. Moreover, as an EVA, do not think this app can be valuable for language learning. I imagine people will use the app in a specific situation, but will they retain the knowledge? Will they be comfortable using the word/phrase in real communication? I doubt it.

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