As an EVA, I would not invest in this pr…

As an EVA, I would not invest in this product. While his pain point was clearly addressed that there is a need for this product, there exist too many stronger competitors to this product including Google. The benefit to Waygo is that it can be used as an offline tool which would be great for travelers who may not have data when travelling and maybe be in a location with no wi-fi. The problem with translation especially between such distinctly different languages such as English and Chinese is that aside from character/word recognition, but there is also a huge discrepancy in regards to grammar structure. It seems this app would translate words well and can be used like an advanced, technology driven dictionary, but may not function well with full sentences. I would feel more comfortable if he mentioned hiring a linguist to support their R&D. Furthermore, I felt like he was yelling at me the entire presentation (I had to take out the headphones I was using and listen to this on a speaker at a low volume as it was actually hurting my ears) and his “Thanks” at the end was court and came off as a little petulant so in terms of investor affinity, I wouldn’t be interested in working with him as his presentation style subtracts from his facts and I would strongly wonder at his sales skills in talking to customers.

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