As an EVA, I would not invest in this ve…

As an EVA, I would not invest in this venture due mainly to how specific it is on two fronts: the goals or objective of each lesson or resource is specific to the needs of the teacher planning the trip and also the resource is attached to another very specific location (field trip destination). The presenter has a very valid point that field trips are indeed labour intensive as well as expensive with little reward sometimes. His goal is to add more value to the effort which is admirable. Yet if I was a director of a museum, how do I realize any return on my contribution to a project? The increase in attendance due to a resource would be minute and likely impossible to measure. TeacherPayTeachers is a very general platform used to sell ALL types of classroom materials from behavioral management resources all the way to unit plans for Grade 5 science. Compared to IncentivEd which is very narrow in its scope as well as resources being linked to a specific geographical area. This means that the resources generated can only realistically be used by those in that area and not the thousands of teachers in BC or the millions of teachers in the states. I question the scalability of this venture.

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