As an EVA, I would not invest in this ve…

As an EVA, I would not invest in this venture. I appreciated the enthusiasm and confidence of the presenter, however, as she had herself indicated, she is not in a very competitive position. Her product is only available for iPads and not Android systems which severely limits her market. And as Brenda already mentioned below, this would not work for any schools that have a BYOD policy. Furthermore, this technology is already existing in Android systems and has been requested for a long time by Apple users, given that the competitor already has it in place and that it has been repeatedly requested by its users, it is only a matter of time before Apple creates this technology for their device as well. This leads to the short life span of her product of 3 years. With the rate that technology advances today, I feel that she is being optimistic. In that light particularly, $1M for a 3 year venture that would be obsolete after is a steep investment. As Victoria herself indicated, if Apple creates this technology, or even other competitors,she would not be able to compete. In addition, while I think her idea does address a pain point, I don’t believe that pain point is one that schools is willing to address with their limited budget. Furthermore, her lack of experience in building, marketing, and distributing technology will have me concerned whether there is sufficient substance beyond the enthusiasm.

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