As an EVA I would not invest in Waygo. I…

As an EVA I would not invest in Waygo. It offers to fix the pain point of translating text while in China, Japan or Korea. While the application has potential, it currently has a narrow market compared to its direct competition such as Google Translation and iTranslate, which offer translations in over 90 languages. Furthermore, both of these competitor apps are offered for free and Waygo is not. My research discovered that the app is now available on android and they did add another language, Korean, but that is still far below the 90+ that their competition offers. A key selling point offered by Ryan was that the app could be accessed on or off-line but this is also offered by iTranslate. If they can keep a hold on the market that they’ve cornered they will do well but they do run the risk of falling prey to their competition.

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