As an EVA, using Edmodo seems most flexi…

As an EVA, using Edmodo seems most flexible and age-appropriate for high school students. It’s look and feel mirrors that of Facebook, which may be more familiar to teenager. FreshGrade may also work, but is often used to communicate with parents, as opposed to being a platform for students to share and collaborate on their projects. I think iTunesU provides a great way to share coursework, lectures, and other content. I can envision using iTunesU for course materials and then using Edmodo for the day-to-day running of the course. Again, I’m not sure that Edmodo is worth the an investment, however, with the rapid growth of Google Classroom across North America. My biggest concern as a professional educator, is discussing student privacy with parents. Making sure that student data is being collected, reviewed, and removed from a system in a manner that is acceptable to students and parents would require planning and research into the company’s policies. As an EVA in Canada, I might be more interested in a CBL that has Canadian data storage, like FreshGrade, but I might be concerned about the competitive advantage of global juggernauts like Google.

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