As others have highlighted, it would see…

As others have highlighted, it would seem apparent that, like VR, the opportunities for AR would be unlimited. In fact, students would have additional information and content at their disposal to further learn and explore concepts. I believe that this could pertain to any topic or subject area, including fine arts (music, dramas, works of art, etc.), languages and beyond. As a history major, I can see the benefits being able to explore topics or historical figures through a combination of text, photos/pictures and videos. As with VR, the opportunity to take students on a learning ‘field trip’ could be better provided using augmented reality. This is especially true when considering the challenges of participating in some activities due to their costs or accessibility. I am intrigued with AR since it works within an existing reality. I like how its abilities/aspects can work to enhance the learning ability (such as making the learning more meaningful through interaction) while also being able to separate them easily.

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