As Robert mentioned, I also find the Hyp…

As Robert mentioned, I also find the Hype Curve very interesting, (and easy to comprehend) but what is more intersting and enjoyable to be was how these curves change from year to year. As I look into these graphs I noticed that these technologies has different speeds at completing the curve from innovation trigger to plateau of productivity. For instance, Subscription Learning has a fast route from on Innovation trigger for 2016, to peak position for 2017 to trough of disillusionment for 2018. On the other side, Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs) are on the innovation trigger for the last 3 years, and when you look closer you can see that some of the uncertainties around government policies can have an effect on the technology. I find these studies valuable as they present not only the how technologies themselves change but also the how the policies, customers respond evolves around these technologies.

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