Asseticity builds components for 3D appl…

Asseticity builds components for 3D applications. The problem is identified clearly and how there is a deficit with characters and props within this technology, particularly in the business sector. Background on how the technology works is outlined and important otherwise I wouldn’t have any idea what the product was. The CEO? has a background in filmmaking and education however she does not have experience with this technology in particular. She overcomes this deficit by aligning herself with a strong group of companies who she states to be partners in the development of the product. The venture concept claims to be original by providing characters for business application and training; however, a quick search on the internet shows that there are some assets available already in this market. Through catering strictly to the business arena, a niche could be found in the market so that those looking for assets don’t have to wade through numerous gaming assets to locate something. The particular buyers or the size of the target market is not described so it is unclear how much revenue could be generated as we don’t know who will be buying the product, in what quantity, or for what amount. There is no marketing strategy outlined so we are not clear how buyers will be found. The assets are very expensive to produce but no return on the initial cost to produce is described. The venture plan discusses the total amount of money needed in phase one of funding and what they hope to achieve in three years and the pitch outlines how the money will be spent. There is no return on investment described so one doesn’t know what they get for their money. There is no exit strategy described. This seems like a very risky investment and I would be reluctant to invest in a venture that lacks a definite market or marketing strategy, outlines no return on my investment, or lays out a clear production plan.

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