Awesome work and excellent concept! Comi…

Awesome work and excellent concept! Coming from a family of police officers, I can say that something like this is needed. Your are correct in that learning on the fly isn’t the best way to learn (nor is it the safest), so something like this would certainly be a game changer. The scenarios listed on the page are all ones that one could see in an emergency responder scenario and how you compare the program to those offered by colleges is great in terms of experience and dollars.
I apologize if I missed it, but what is the price for the program? Is it a site license or based on individual? I ask because depending on the size of a police force (say, OPP vs. North Bay City Police), it could be make or break based on what budget the service has available. As well, if I am a police force wishing to invest, I’d like to know what it will cost not only for startup, but as well if I wish to use this product moving forward.

Thanks, Stephen

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