Beautifully designed website with well-c…

Beautifully designed website with well-chosen videos that were focused on the subtopics you wanted us to discuss. A formatting note, I personally prefer justified text over unjustified. I just find it looks more like a professional publication when it is justified so I would change that for final submission.

Structure and pacing of activities were balanced and accessible for all. I played around with Tinkercad for my activity 1. Personally I am not a fan of having to sign up for things just to try them out unless I plan on using it in the future, it increases my spam. It was great being exposed to a new tool that I can pass along to my colleagues and friends who are more creative than I.

I liked that you touched on ethical issues and patents. When I started watching the 4D video I wasn’t sure what I was watching until I read the paragraph beneath it. Perhaps moving the text up so that it leads in to the video would be a good idea. I was struck by the implications of 4D printing. How will we ever be able to get on a plane again with anything if materials change shape after exposure to water or temperature changes?! Security would not know what to search for and people who mean to cause harm to other would have better, stealthier tools to accomplish their task with. The benefits of 3D and 4D printing are incredible, especially as they apply to health care, but the risks are equally as terrifying in the hands of the wrong people, but I suppose the same thing has been said about every new innovation throughout history.

I really enjoyed the case studies and appreciated being exposed to how 3D printing is already spreading in to schools, something I was not previously aware of. The questions were thought provoking. I didn’t enjoy the platform Nabble. There was a lot of scrolling involved, we couldn’t customize our posts and it was just hard on the eyes. I can see it being useful as an outside UBC blog host but style wise it did not capture me. However, I appreciate you exposing us to a new tool.

Overall, you have created a really nice OER that expands and adds value to the field of 3D printing. Thank you for an engaging week and I look forward to seeing the results of the survey.

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