Big thumbs up to your review and this re…

Big thumbs up to your review and this resource, Ryan. This is an extremely comprehensive resource for both educators and ed-tech specialists looking to launch a venture. You’ve done a great job explaining how this website can be valuable to educators and ed-tech venture capitalists. The ‘news-feed’ style of tagged information means that this resource will be constantly updated and curated, making me eager to return and continue to use the site and community for both my teaching practice, as well as for future endeavors into ed-tech ventures. I would add my recommendation to yours: this is a fantastic resource!

A couple of additional resources from the site worth noting: the Jobs board looks like a useful resource for venturers looking for Ed-Tech talent for a start-up, as well as for job-seekers. The Product Reviews section has a HUGE library of reviews on educational software, curriculum, and tools that are extremely useful for educators or venturers looking to add more ed-tech functionality to their classroom or business.

My only nitpick is that the LOOP is currently a closed community, and I would love to hear more about it! I sent an application, but currently it’s only for higher education professionals. Were you able to join it? Based on the quality of content on the website, I think this would be an excellent community to join, and I hope they will open their doors to K-12 educators soon.

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