Brian, from your T-shirt to your amazing…

Brian, from your T-shirt to your amazing energy, both your Elevator and Venture Pitch have created great excitement and hooked people from the start! I think your pain point is well thought and the solution you are proposing can make people say “Why I haven’t thought about it first?”
You have a rock solid product in terms of the sources you have. Steam is one of the leaders of the industry and already been reaching out to millions of people, and as SteamEdu you have created this new product that is very well produced. However, as Cassy pointed out, I also waited for an ask for capital. You have an Ask, that’s for sure, but it gave the overall impression of a marketing presentation and not a pitch. If I was a venture capitalist watching this video, I would be confused, as you have already doing what you’ve asking from me.
I liked your presentation, it is very well structured, I can make a small suggestion though, I think YouTube allows captions at specific time frames, so for instance when you show the Valve Team you can put a link or info bar on the top of the screen linking us to the site. I applaud your energy, and wish you well on your venture.

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