Brittany, I enjoyed your simple approach…

Brittany, I enjoyed your simple approach to both your elevator and venture pitch. Although the elevator pitch was visually pleasing I think a narration would provide a nice “personal” touch for any potential investors. I for one like to hear the interest and engagement of the person “behind” the venture. I think it’s important to make that connection with your audience. That being said, you did a fine job of outlining the pain point and illustrating the solution to essay organization and writing support for high school students. However, I’m not convinced that your product is unique. Although you did mention Evernote as a competitor, I would suggest rather your competition to be literacy software solutions Kurzweil 3000 and Solo 6. Both software application provide the same solutions you are proposing with StickyNotes. As an investor I would need you to convince me as to why teachers would use your product instead of the two I previously mentioned. It’s unclear to me how your product is superior. As an investor I would have to decline.

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