CareerPave is an app that helps universi…

CareerPave is an app that helps university students plan their careers based on their degree program. The pain point is made clear however the size of the problem is not supported with any hard data. The solution is outlined and an example provided on how the app could work. I demonstration of the app’s functionality would have been beneficial though I understand that one is not available yet, but just something visual would have helped. CareerPave targets university students so is different from free services offered by the government which only target high school students, which appears to be an advantage in this market. However, the competition mentioned in the pitch appears robust and it is unclear whether the advantage of the “student marketability” feature is strong enough to compete with these very successful companies. We meet the CEO and know something about her background but she appears to be the sole member for this pitch. I don’t have confidence that this venture can be managed by one person at this stage; she does say that she will hire team members later however. Her market appears to be the universities and colleges in Ontario however what sort of numbers we are talking about is not made clear. Her marketing strategy is aimed at getting universities on board by purchasing the app but it is unclear how this will be accomplished. A development timeline is not provided so when to expect a return is up in the air. No exit strategy is given. With the applications currently available in this market I don’t have the confidence that this idea would be able to compete.

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